20th Anniversary Of Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the tragic and infamous Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race that took place in 1998. Since then there have come about several changes in safety design and procedures so that there is no more a repeat of the tragedy that took place. There had also been an East Coast low and that is something that everyone associated with the race pray that they will not see again. The East Coast low is a meteorological inference to a cyclonic weather condition that occurs in the Southern Hemisphere. Such weather in Australia is common during summer months. This event, however, was formed to celebrate the important aspects of sailing that our friendship and a desire to win challenges over the waters. John Winning Jr is someone associated with this race and he had recently acquired a win in the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge.


Female Victors Of Volvo Ocean Race

The all female team at the Volvo Ocean Race this year was able to undergo tough conditions and make a historical winning record. This team had about eleven members on board and the crew had to strap themselves onto their bunks when they slept. Their living conditions were meager and sometimes they barely got four hours of sleep and rationing on their food such as a single chocolate bar for a meal. The Volvo Ocean Race is known to be a grueling race that spans 45000 miles around the world and sailors have to brave the fiercest seas that exist on our planet. Carolijn Brouwer is one of the women on board this vessel and part of the DongFeng Race Team who had to brave all the elements out in the rough seas. This competition is often described as the Everest of sailing and such credentials to this race are…

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Sailing World Championships To Be Huge

While the Sailing World Championships is nothing new, the upcoming 2018 edition is creating much excitement among the organizers as well as those who would be sending teams to participate in the events. This championship series is set up in collaboration with different organizations like Dansk Sejlunion, World Sailing, City of Aarhus, Sailing Aarhus and Sport Event Denmark. These parties work together in making the event a big success for the different Olympic boat classes. For the forthcoming edition in 2018 there is a goal set for a new record of having more than 100 nations participate. It is set to attract spectators from the different participating nations and hence Denmark as well as the bay of Aarhus is being prepared for such audience accordingly. Spectators and sailors can expect a new level of standards in this championship series. It is being organized in a way that sailors as well…

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Great Britain Wins Red Bull Youth AC Title

The Land Rover BAR Academy Great Britain team is the new champions of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. Great Britain was able to gain the number one position and claim the title due to last minute efforts by the team. The final day of the race was a thrilling affair and everyone was on the edge of their seats during the last few minutes of the final race. The Great Britain team entered the final day of the race in the fifth position. The defending champions NZL Sailing Team made a very good comeback in the first two races of the final day at the Great Sound in Bermuda. It looked like the Kiwis were all poised to take the Red Bull Youth AC title once more after they claimed three consecutive victories. But, there was a twist in the tale at the far end of the race. The…

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OSC Announces National Coaching Awards

The US Olympic Sailing Committee (OSC) announced the national coaching awards for the year. The three winners were selected from the nominations given by the public. According to Plainsailing Yacht website, Mike Ingham from Rochester, N.Y., has been announced as the US Sailing’s 2016 National Coach of the Year. Willie McBride, Santa Barbara, California has been named as 2016 Development Coach of the Year and Peter Becker, Rye, N.Y. is named as 2016 Volunteer Coach of the Year.

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SPORT MALTA Awards Semi-Finalists List

Associations of local have submitted their nominations for board of selection who will examine the feast and performances all the nominated officials and athletes proposed before declaring the semi-finalists list in each category. The Malta Sportswriters Association (MSWA) members will vote to select the top five finalists in every category. Announcement with regards to same will be done on February 6, Monday. Talking about the winners in each category, then decision with regards to same will be taken by the panel on the final day. There will a team of jury that will include sports journalists on the final day who will decide the name of the winner at the time of gala ceremony. The ceremony will take place on February 25 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The names of semi-finalists in different categories are: Sportsman of the year Norbert Attard (Darts); Johann Attard (Pool); Stevie Camilleri (water polo); Luke…

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Ingvall Unveiled His 100-Footer

Ludde Ingvall did a major modification in his yacht when it came out from boat builder’s shed. The yacht of Ingvall was 90 feet and after modification it became the 100 foot striking super maxi. The modification of yacht took place in Tauranga of New Zealand and the entire modification work was undertaken with the help of Sir Michael Hintze. It took nearly one year for Ingvall to modify his conventional yacht, but yachtsman who had done round the world sailing and also a world champion transformed its straight yacht to super maxi. The new remodeled yacht has got its new name and now it is re-named as CQS.

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Fair Winds Celebrates Her 60th Birthday

Fair Winds is sixty years old and the birthday of this beautiful timber yacht was celebrated by its owners Mark Chew and his wife Sally Ann Balharries with great pomp and style. The birthday was celebrated at the Sealink Magnetic Island Race Week. This yacht is always admired by people wherever it goes. This Philip Rhodes designed yacht receives a lot of adulations and everyone wants to get on board to take a look at this beauty. Chew loves that his boat is getting all the attention. Chew is the fourth owner of this 13 meter classic yacht. Chew said that he saw this yacht for sale at the Trader Boat. He went to Auckland for a holiday in 2002 and fell in love with the boat when he had boarded it. He immediately bought Fair Winds and sailed back to his hometown Melbourne.

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Hansa World Championships 2018 to take place in Hiroshima

The Hansa Class Combined World 2018 and International Championships would take place be at the Hiroshima Kannon Marina in 2018’s October.  Today, Russell Phillips, the International Hansa Class Association President, has declared that the Organising Authority would be Hiroshima Sailing Federation that would appoint an Event Organising Committee. Mr Phillips told that the charter yacht Scottish he is very delighted that their Worlds 2018 will take place in Hiroshima in Japan. This is the very first time that their Combined World and International Championships would be take place in this part of the world and they expect that this would enhance the development of the class within the region.

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LMAX Exchange’s crew meet their clients

Fintech company LMAX Exchange’s yacht squad never missed a scope to network. LMAX Exchange, presently leading Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, was on the 3rd to dock in Qingdao, in China, earlier this week. They are using their time in the city to catch up with the foreign clients of the firm. The company asked a select group of eighty clients from the place to meet and sail with the skipper along with the whole racing crew. Fintech execs allured the clients to a formal business meet on Monday with call of a tour of the ship as well as a scope to experience life on the high ocean. David Mercer, the LMAX Exchange chief, who became a part of the racing crew at the beginning of this year on their journey from Sydney, in Australia, used the team’s win to convince clients from private equity companies that his…