SPORT MALTA Awards Semi-Finalists List

Associations of local have submitted their nominations for board of selection who will examine the feast and performances all the nominated officials and athletes proposed before declaring the semi-finalists list in each category.

The Malta Sportswriters Association (MSWA) members will vote to select the top five finalists in every category. Announcement with regards to same will be done on February 6, Monday.

Talking about the winners in each category, then decision with regards to same will be taken by the panel on the final day. There will a team of jury that will include sports journalists on the final day who will decide the name of the winner at the time of gala ceremony. The ceremony will take place on February 25 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.

The names of semi-finalists in different categories are:

  • Sportsman of the year

Norbert Attard (Darts); Johann Attard (Pool); Stevie Camilleri (water polo); Luke Debono (bodybuilding); William Chetcuti (shooting); Charles Degiorgio (horse racing); Luke Galea (karate); Stefan Farrugia (bowls); Duncan Micallef (drag racing); Nathan Xuereb (shooting); Mark Spiteri (bowling);

  • Sportswoman of the year

Marie Claire Aquilina (cycling); Sue Abela (bowling), Tiziana Carannante (bowling), Sana Grillo (gymnastics); Mandy Cortis (boxing); Hannah Pace (triathlon); Victoria Schultheis (sailing); Helene Pellicano (Tennis); Y. Zammit Stevens (weightlifting); C. Wingfield (athletics);

  • Official of the year

Joseph Borda (rugby); Terry Camilleri (snooker); Francesca Borg (gymnastics); Noel Gauci (darts); Jesmond Caruana (weightlifting); Joseph Grima (rowing); Paul Sultana (basketball); Chris Spiteri Chris (badminton);  John Zammit (cycling); Esther Azzopardi (football)

  • Coach of the year

Jimmy Bugeja (shooting); Angela Adamoli (basketball); Anthony Farrugia (water polo); Jesmond Giordimaina (weightlifting); Jean Paul Fleri Soler (sailing); Brad Hindle Deguara (squash); Karl Izzo (water polo); Daniel Holliday (rugby); Silvio Vella (football); Noel Mercieca (kickboxing)

  • Team of the year

Raffa bowls national team; Waterpolo U-19 national team; Basketball women’s national team; Cycling women’s national team; U-21 national football team; Eight Ball Pool U-23 national team; Pool U-23 national team; Alex Borg/Brian Cini (snooker); Rugby Sevens Men’s national team; Sue Abela/Tiziana Carannante (bowling); Water Polo national team; Mediterranean horse racing championship team.