Hansa World Championships 2018 to take place in Hiroshima

The Hansa Class Combined World 2018 and International Championships would take place be at the Hiroshima Kannon Marina in 2018’s October.  Today, Russell Phillips, the International Hansa Class Association President, has declared that the Organising Authority would be Hiroshima Sailing Federation that would appoint an Event Organising Committee.

Mr Phillips told that the charter yacht Scottish he is very delighted that their Worlds 2018 will take place in Hiroshima in Japan. This is the very first time that their Combined World and International Championships would be take place in this part of the world and they expect that this would enhance the development of the class within the region.

The Hansa 303 as well as 2.3 classes are sailed actively in Japan, along with National Championships circled around various regions. The Friendship Peace Cup, sailed in the Hansa classes, has been held in Hiroshima in 2012 and 2014. Japan has a growing number of Sailability programs, most of which use the Hansa 303 and 2.3. Two SKUD 18s have also recently arrived in Hiroshima.

Tsunehiro Yamane, the President of Hiroshima Sailing Federation Public Interest Foundation, told that they invite all Hansa class sailors to visit their friendly city and relish the picturesque landscape of the Seto Inland Sea as well as the surrounding areas.

The theme of the Championships would be Peace and Sports. Therefore, they expect that one would join them in Hiroshima in the year 2018 to help realize their mutual goals.