Ingvall Unveiled His 100-Footer

Ludde Ingvall did a major modification in his yacht when it came out from boat builder’s shed.

The yacht of Ingvall was 90 feet and after modification it became the 100 foot striking super maxi. The modification of yacht took place in Tauranga of New Zealand and the entire modification work was undertaken with the help of Sir Michael Hintze.

It took nearly one year for Ingvall to modify his conventional yacht, but yachtsman who had done round the world sailing and also a world champion transformed its straight yacht to super maxi.

The new remodeled yacht has got its new name and now it is re-named as CQS.

Ingvall said “The remodeling of the yacht has been done after through research and with complete planning. Top technicians worked on this project. Best yacht designer, builders, sail makers and rig designers were involved in this transformation process and then made the simple yacht into one that is not only best in performance, but also it had pushed the boundaries of yacht designing to the next level.

The yacht has a different and distinct body shape with features like reverse bow, there is wings present in the boat that is spread up to shroud base and provide support to the mast. There is also a wide platform available in the yacht cockpit area.

Speaking about remodeling of his old yacht, Ingvall says ‘We first did the computer modeling of this yacht and we find that the yacht has potential to increase the speed. Only changes need to be done in the right direction. The best technical team worked on it to make all the changes. We are hoping that CQS will perform better than before. But, its actual test will be done in water when it will face real competition. There are competitions coming up”.